Some allergens that we use may include:

Tree Nuts: Walnuts, Cashews, Pecans and Almonds
Coconut: used as a topping on our Cakes and as a garnish
Milk and Milk Powder
All of our products contain Wheat
Please Note: We are not a peanut/nut free facility!

At Sweet Dreams Cakes, there is a possibility that all of our
products may come in contact with known allergens.  Safety is a
concern at SDC and we recognize that food allergies are a very
serious issue. Therefore, if you know that you have severe
allergies, please do not consume our products because there is
always the possibility of airborne cross contamination. There
have been cases within the food industry where individuals with
extreme allergic reactions have died from even trace amounts of
peanut products.
This information is being provided as a public service.