Q: How much are your custom cakes?
A: All of our cakes are custom made so each one is priced accordingly depending upon the design and other
variables. A smaller, less intricate cake is naturally going to be less expensive than a larger one with more
design elements. A number of things determines the cost of the finished cake such as servings, edible vs
inedible elements such as flowers, figurines, fillings/flavors to name a few. All designs will be quoted before
production begins so there are no surprises to our customers.

Q: How much notice do you need for a custom cake or large pastry order?
A: Because the majority of our orders are special orders and can range from the smallest pastries to a wedding
cake, we book very quickly. To ensure that our customers receive a quality product we do not book more than
we can handle. We suggest that you place your order as soon as you know that you need it. We require at least
2 weeks notice for all large orders and 48 hours for smaller specialty orders. All others require at least 24
hours notice. However, don't read this and just give up! Call us...sometimes we have cancelled orders that give
us an opening and we still maybe able to accommodate your request. We will do our best.  

Q: Do you use boxed mixes for your cakes or icings?
A: No Way! We pride ourselves in using only the freshest ingredients! We bake from scratch!

Q: How should I store my purchase (cakes/pies, etc)?
A:  We recommend storing all of our products in the original container wrapped with plastic wrap in the
fridge if not serving within 2 hours of pick up. Allow cakes/cupcakes to come to room temperature before
serving (approx. 1-2 hours).

Q: Do you make vegan/gluten free products?
A: While they will be limited, yes we will! If there is something that you would like and it is not on our menu,
just ask us and we will let you know if we can do it. Some custom gluten free/vegan products require a
minimum 2 days notice. If you have severe allergies such as Celiac Disease we ask that you do not consume our

Q: Can I have more than one flavor for my cake?
A: Yes you can! There are certain considerations that must be taken when doing this so its something we
should discuss.

Q: Can I reserve a date?
A: Yes. However, you should call or email info@sweetdreamscakes-usa.com first to ensure that the date is
available first. Once you ask to reserve a date, a non-refundable deposit will be due at the time of reservation.
We have many customers call and ask for dates and to ensure that we are not holding dates that another
customer wants we have to have a deposit.

Q: I live out of town but my event is in your area, can I plan everything via phone/email?
A. Absolutely! We want your day to be special for you and having an wedding/event planning background we
understand how stressful and time consuming the planning process can be. We will work with you to make
our part of your day as stress-free as possible.

Q: Do you ship cakes?
A: At this time, we do not. We have not found the proper process to ensure that our cakes/pastries will have
the same freshness and taste as it would if you came to the store to pick it up. We are working on this process,
but cannot ship at this time.

Q: I would like to schedule a tasting with you. How do I do that?
A: All of our tastings are done by appointment only. Call or email us to discuss a date for the tasting. Our
tastings cost $20.00 for the bride and groom and include 3 basic flavors and buttercream.  Additional people
and/or flavors can be added at an additional cost. If you book your event with us, the cost of the tasting is
applied towards the final cost of your order.

Q: I have a picture of a cake and I want it done the exact same way. Can you do it?
A: The art of cake design is a time consuming process. We wouldn't want to spend countless hours designing a
cake and have another bakery reproduce our design. For that reason among many others, Sweet Dreams
Cakes will not make an exact replica of another cake. We do invite you to bring designs that you like and we
will work with you to  choose what elements of the design that you like most and we will create your own
individual design to fit your special event. After all, don't you deserve your own special design.

Q: Can you match my colors/dress/invitations perfectly?
A: We make every effort ensure that your cake dreams come to reality. When matching colors we do our very
best to come as close to your color as possible. Please keep this in mind when placing your order and please
provide a swatch sample.

Q: What is a Groom's Cake?
A: A grooms cake is usually a surprise cake that may reflect the hobbies or personality of the groom. It can be
served at the reception to help supplement the number of servings needed or sometimes it is served at the
rehearsal dinner. Pricing for the grooms cake is on an individual basis and will be quoted.

Q: I have a food allergy, can you still make my cake?
A: When our customers have food allergies we take every precaution to make sure they do not have a negative
reaction to our products. However, we do not work in an allergen-free facility so we cannot guarantee that
traces of products not included in the recipe will not transfer into the finished product. If you have severe
allergies we ask that you do not consume our products.

Q: If there is a cake that is not on your menu, can you make it?
A: In the world of cakes/pastry there are a number of items that can be made. We would have to write a book
of available items in order to include everything we can create on our menu. But, we will try to accommodate
any request from our customers. If there is something that you would like that is not on our menu, please ask
us! We've done it before!

Q: I love the look of the smooth cakes that I have seen. They almost don't look real, what is that called?
How does it taste?
A: Rolled fondant/Sugarpaste is what gives the smooth look on a cake.  It is an edible frosting that is usually
placed over a covering of Buttercream or marzipan. It provides more stability and acts as a sealant to the cake
especially during hot days. In years past, fondant was not a welcome taste to the palate. Manufacturers have
recognized this and have worked really hard to make the taste of fondant a pleasant one. Because we do place
a full layering of Buttercream underneath our fondant cakes and not just a crumb coat, if you have guests that
do not like the taste it can be easily peeled away. You can still have the great look of fondant without losing the
great taste!

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Yes we do deliver. Delivery rates depend on the delivery area. Please ensure that the venue that we are to
deliver to is open and that we can gain entry to the facility at the time of delivery. If the venue is not open, we
will return the cake to the bakery and the customer will then be responsible for pick-up/delivery. We can not
be responsible for any issues that arise if delivery was attempted and was unsuccessful. Please refer to your
contract for additional delivery information.

Q: Who will cut my cake at my event?
A: Most reception halls have staff that takes the cake to the back once the cutting ceremony has begun. It is
important for you to ensure that you will have someone to cut the cake properly to make sure you get the
correct number of servings out of it. We cannot be held responsible for a lack of servings due to inappropriate

Q: Do you provide cake toppers/figurines?
A: We do have a number of cake toppers that can be ordered for your event. We also create our own edible
toppers that can be made to order and match your theme. Inquire about cake toppers immediately so that we
can meet your event date.  

Q: Do you rent stands that I can use for displaying my cake/pastries?
A: We have a number of stands/plates/towers that you can chose from to rent. There is a deposit required and
once the items(s) are returned, the cost of the rental will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit depends
upon the item being rented.

Q: Do I need to save the top tier of my wedding cake for my 1st anniversary?
A: As a thank you to our bride/groom we offer a complimentary Anniversary Cake for you and your spouse to
enjoy the day of your anniversary. You will need to call the bakery at least 3 weeks prior to your anniversary
date and place the order. Orders placed after the 3 week time frame will only be honored if we have the

Q: I am planning my wedding myself and I have no idea when I should order my cake.
Can you help with that?
A: Absolutely! We have experienced event planning personnel on staff at SDC that can help guide you through
the ordering process and plan your cake design with you.